Just because you've gone to the "other side" doesn't mean your loved ones will be forgotten.. especially with entrepreneurs like Don Mir around.

Cards From Beyond
APRIL 1993 4:32

    Wayne County's Don Mir got the idea about three years ago.
MIR: Somewhere in 1989 when my dad passed away.. when Christmas came and the card that 
he always sent, that I always looked forward to- wasn't there. That's the reason. And I 
started to think, gee, wouldn't it be great if I could hear from him once more. That was 
the genesis.
    For 25 dollars per card, the year's special occasions and holidays are available.
MIR: We have a couple of birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversary.. a general 
don't despair... the theme generally, is "up".. an "until we meet again" theme. Here's an 
"Easter": At this glorious time be assured that there is a plan for us all. So keep your 
spirits up, your head held high, and we will meet again.
    Upon agreement, Don notifies the customer's estate of the arrangement. And after 
hearing back from the estate, when the times comes, mails out the cards.. which can 
contain personal notes and a signature, even a message or their own verse. This kind of 
blast from the past may not be for everybody. But from the one thousand people who have 
written for the brochure, Don's only got a  few negative responses. 
MIR: People write to me from New England and Italy and England. 99 percent are positive. 
I've gotten two or three letters from people who didn't think this was a very good idea. 
One of them called me a ghoul. But that's alright, one out of thousand. 
    It's up to the individual to realize whether family and friends would be strong 
enough- and receptive, to such an idea, and view this as a positive and not negative 
memory. But even with such a tremendous initial response Don says few have followed up 
and bought the cards.
MIR: It's a very serious step to take, one that you have to think long and hard about.
It's not like buying a shirt from LL Bean's catalog. You gotta think about it for awhile.
    For now, the Cards From Beyond selection is a serious business and very un-funny. But
Mir agrees tasteful humor- in this format- is a natural extension.
MIR: I've thought about it. There have been suggestions about it. Being a little bit 
hard perhaps or "getting even" type of things. I didn't think it was appropriate. I wanted 
to make this work first. But I could really try with.. golfers- I think they're the ones 
that would think in terms of their buddy was gone, and be happy to receive something from
him. I'm working on that.
    Why not? I was thinking of sticking your slave-driving boss, the poor-throwing 
newsboy. How 'bout for the terrible waitress? "The food was cold, the service poor.. 
Thank god I won't be back for more." Why not send a zinger to the Internal Revenue 
Service: "Go find another patsy, 'cause you won't find me 'round here.. You no good lousy
so-and-so's, I passed away last year."
MIR: You better lay off the IRS..I still don't think I'd like to use it as a weapon.. a 
vengeful weapon.. although I must admit there maybe some people I can think of , who I'd 
like to send them to.
    Mir says you can't knock Hallmark but always thought he could do a better job- 
addressing areas previously out of bounds. Years ago, he failed with another greeting card
business try.
MIR:  It was based on the three R's- rejection, resentment and retaliation. It was much 
too expensive to get off the ground. You're talking 60 different titles, 60 different 
pieces of artwork.. national distribution.. lots of bucks.
  Don Mir, proprietor of Cards From Beyond. Bill Flynn, WXXI 1370.


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