"I loved the tape. You did a terrific job of editing. It's very funny
and interesting, too. I enjoyed the conversation."
-ANDREA DiNOTO, Editor, Cookbook Digest Publishing Company

"Thank you so much for the interview. Your support of organ and
tissue donation is appreciated, and the opportunity you have provided
in helping to educate is commendable."
-KAREN GAURINO, Communications Director,
Rochester Eye & Human Parts Bank

"I want to congratulate you for the excellent report. By far, this 
was the most in-depth, factual and professional news story about 
rugby in Rochester. Mr. Flynn expressed a keen interest in the sport. 
He paid close attention to detail, double-checking names, places and
facts several times. The interviews were tightly woven together by
Mr. Flynn's own commentary into an enlightening portrayal of a
dynamic sport. You have indeed lived up to your committment to 
responsibly inform and educate the community at large."
-JOHN GERMANOW, President, 
Rochester Aardvarks Rugby Football Club

"I appreciate the nice job you did on the radio spot about sports
medicine. I hope that some injured people who have not received 
treatment now realize there may be some help available to the 
public." -TOM HANNEY, President, Plaza Sports Group

"I had the opportunity of listening to the piece you did recently
concerning Confession with Father Bill Graf and myself. I think you
did an excellent job and I was happy to hear the points you had
emphasized. I hope this could be useful in reiterating the value of
the Sacrament of Reconciliation to Catholics in today's age."
Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester

"We are very impressed with the way you represented various aspects 
of Special Olympics at some depth in the brief report. Your interviews
were especially revealing, particularly the ones with the parents and 
athletes. Our deepest thanks to you for bringing the public insight
into the nature of our organization and the kind of activities we
provide to the mentally retarded." -DOUGLAS HICKERSON, Director,
Monroe County Special Olympics

"Many thanks for the interview in honor of my initiation into the
Rochester Women's Bowling Association. Thank you for thinking of me.
I'm happy I had the chance to discuss the climate of bowling. It
should help make the community aware!" -BETTY KINGSLEY, area bowler

"Thanks for the tape. It sounds better than I did that day!"
-BEN MARYNIAK, Civil War Chaplain Reenactor,
Genessee Country Village & Museum 

"Thank you for helping with the Rochester International Film 
Festival." -ELLIE CHERIN & HUMPHREY WONG, Movies on a Shoestring

"You did a wonderful job of putting it all together...have enjoyed
it immensely!" -JOYCE LEARY, member, Rochester Knitting Guild

"Great job. I know it was extra effort for you. I don't believe I've
ever heard a better description of what the border collies do and 
are. Wonderful work- could not have been better."
-JOYCE GEIER, Border Collie breeder-trainer

"Thank you so much for documenting the exciting and engrossing
history of the Red Wings and Silver Stadium. Without one iota of
exaggeration, you did a magnificent job capturing so very much of the
special flavor attached to Red Wing baseball as I remember it."
-JOE CULLINANE, Rochester Red Wings announcer 1962-73

"All of us here are very grateful for the time and effort you spent
explaining college debate today. Your pieces are well-produced,
informative and very enjoyable. And I want you to know that
audiences reacted. On Friday morning, a University of Rochester
alumnus who was in town, heard your debate story and came into our
office to get more information about the tournament. One mother got
several calls from friends saying: I heard your daughter on radio
today!" -HELENE SNIHUR Publicist, University of Rochester

"Thanks for the Underground America Day tape, Mr. Flynn. Calls about
it must be driving you crazy." 
-MALCOLM WELLS, Underground home resident, architect

"We felt you did an excellent job of editing the long interviews. We
did have calls from grinder friends who liked it."
-JIM FOOTE, Monkey Organ grinder, collector

"Heard your broadcast about how the streets in Rochester got their
names. It was a very interesting program. I'm enclosing a check for
a tape of the show." -KATHERINE PESTOS, Rochester

"I thought it was an excellent segment. My wife and I both agree
that you made me sound far more coherent than I usually do!"
-HARRY REIS, Professor of Psychology, University of Rochester

"Thanks so much for last night's broadcast. We were left with smiles
on our faces. That's our Joe. We'll have fond memories."
-LORRAINE BUDNY & FAMILY, (regarding segment on Rochester Red Wings 
pitcher Joe Budny, who had recently passed away)

"I appreciate your help in getting the word out about organ/tissue
donation. You did a commendable job of editing down my ramblings and
making a cogent presentation. We've had a nice response to your
program." -LINDA SPEAR, Rochester Eye and Human Parts Bank

"Thank you for taking the time to interview Dr. Ward for Doctors Day.
I am delighted that it also aired on the Associated Press audio wire.
I thought the interview went really well and you did an excellent
job." -PAUL D. McDADE, Public Relations Manager,
The New York State Society of Anesthesiologists

"Thanks for your thoughtfulness in the program in which I had the 
pleasure of participating. It was good running into a personality who 
was interested in a serious conversation, rather than cracking jokes."
-L. WILLIAM McNUTT, JR., President, Collin Street Fruit Cake Bakery 

"Your recent series on the Rochester Red Wings was very enjoyable.
Thanks for supporting our home team!" -ANN STEAR, Rochester

"I listened to the tape of the interview and used it to coach Tommy's
son's group, The Makem Brothers, on press Q & A fundamentals."
-KEVIN M. O'SHEA, Bard Enterprises- representing Tommy Makem, called
the "Godfather of Irish Music"

"Many thanks for the great interview. We appreciate your input 
regarding the Spam-fest." -DOUG SICK, entered dish for the competition

"Thank you so much for your support and efforts on behalf of the 
Rochester Irish Festival. I am certain that the fine interview with
Jack contributed significantly to the event's success. With the
continued support of folks like you, we're confident the Rochester
Irish Festival will become a popular annual event.
-MELISSA ROSENBERRY, Public Relations, Rochester Irish Festival

"On behalf of the Landmark Society of Western New York, I would like
to thank you for producing and airing the piece on the Stone-Tolan
House privy. Those of us on staff were very pleased and thought it
was well-done. It's good to know that Rochester has received some
education about a once very common building!"
-WILMA T. TOWNSEND, Curator, The Landmark Society of Western New York

"Thank you for the opportunity to publicize the Debtors Anonymous
support group. I've gotten several phone calls as a result of that 
talk." -JODY SZCZECH, Coordinator, Clearinghouse for Self-Help Groups, 
Mental Health Association

"On behalf of the Otetiana Council, Boy Scouts of America, I'd like
to take this opportunity to thank you for interviewing the Scouts
for your broadcast." -JANICE DEVINE, Public Relations Director,

"A fine essay on your memories of the baseball glove. Good job all
around." -GWENDOLYN NELSON, Rochester

"In October, I was preparing for a teaching day on grief and was
interviewed by Bill Flynn. Bill's manner was comfortable, his
questions were right on target to bring out the best information and
his participation was welcome. In that same month I was interviewed
also by another local station. Let me say that the style of the
interviewer and the quality of the editing gave me a greater
appreciation of Bill's skill and style. You are fortunate to have
Bill Flynn on your staff." -JAMES F. MULCAHY, Bereavemnet Coordinator

"Thanks again for having me on your show. I look forward to the next
time. P.S. Keep up the good work on those Frontier Field updates!" 
-JEFF FAUST, author, Rochester By Bike

"Just a note to let you know how very much we appreciated your
segment. We enjoyed listening and all felt you did an excellent job."
-PAM, PATTY, LORIE, owners-operators, The Puppy Love Hotel kennel

"It was great to hear from you. Thank you for being so thoughtful. 
I really enjoyed meeting and talking with you in Rochester." 

"We are thrilled to add your CD-ROM, 'When We Saved the Amerks'
to the archives at the Hockey Hall of Fame. You did a terrific job 
chronicling a historic era of one of the great franchises from the
American Hockey League. History provided by you is essential to the
mandate of the Hockey Hall of Fame."
-HOCKEY HALL OF FAME, Toronto, Ontario